E-learning course

A self-paced E-learning course for teachers. Teachers will learn how to make an innovative use of art and creativity and to promote equal rights between men and women, increase the critical thinking and capacity of young generations to recognise unbalanced power relationships and prevent risky behaviours that could result in gender-based violence.

At the end of the course, teachers will have the possibility to download a Quick Guide that supports them in setting up and conduct creative educational activities with their students, using art to talk about gender stereotypes and equality between women and men.

E-lerning course


Manifesto for a new gender-sensitive art

A Manifesto developed by students and artists urging to include a gender perspective in the way we look at art, both as artists and as art recipients. It will raise awareness of artists, curators, fellow students, scholars and policy and decision-makers on the role art can play in the education and cultural fields to promote gender equality, equity and social inclusion.


REGENERART online exhibition space for the promotion of a new gender-sensitive art

A virtual hub hosting artworks and artists that want to contribute to a more just and inclusive society, based on the assumption that gender equality and art are pillars for building sustainable and resilient communities and people, able to tackle current and future challenges.



REGENERART Textbook : Looking at Art from a gender perspective

A textbook taking teachers, students, or any other reader, to a journey throughout art history. The textbook will present explanatory examples of how art has been influenced by the gender roles existing at that time and, concurrently, how art must have influenced the societies in which it was and still is embedded.