Italy, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

8 international partners and 6 countries in a project aiming to deconstruct gender stereotypes through art.

#REGENERART officially kicks off. It will involve 100 teachers, 2000 students and 25 artists for two years to shape a more inclusive society, free from gender-based violence and discrimination. The project aims to deconstruct the stereotypes that, over the centuries, have been reproduced also through art, by reinterpreting some artworks in a creative and innovative way as well as developing new ones to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women.

Art thus becomes a tool for reading reality, increasing critical thinking and promoting inclusion and social justice.

Coordinator of the project is Fondazione Pangea Onlus, partners are University of Utrecht (NL) with their MOED project (, Frauenmuseum Berlin (DE), Associazione Domna (IT), 149th School Sofia (BG), Liceu de Arte Dinu Lipatti (RO), IIS Tommaso Salvini (IT), Inforef (BE).

Project co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.