REGENERART aims to promote art and creativity as innovative tools to increase the competences of secondary school teachers and students to re-think gender roles and stereotypes towards a more equal and inclusive society, free of gender-based violence against women and discriminations.

gender equality
through art


fair share! Action: International Women's Day, Wednesday, 8th March 2023 at 12 p.m.

<p><span dir="ltr"></span>O<span dir="ltr">n International Women's Day 2023</span><span dir="ltr">, t</span><span dir="ltr">he Berlin</span><span dir="ltr">-</span><span dir="ltr">based action alliance</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">fair <a href="" target="_blank">s<strong>hare!</strong></a></span><strong><a href="" target="_blank"><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">Visibility for </span></a><span dir="ltr"><a href="" target="_blank">Women Artists</a></span></strong><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">invites you to</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">witness</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">symbolic action</span><span dir="ltr">s</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">on the Spree</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">riverbank</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">in front of the </span><span dir="ltr">Marie</span><span dir="ltr">-</span><span dir="ltr">Elisabeth</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">Lüders</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">Haus</span><span dir="ltr">.</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">The 7</span><span dir="ltr">th</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">March ‘</span><span dir="ltr">Equal Pay Day in Germany</span><span dir="ltr">’</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">sets the theme o</span><span dir="ltr">f</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">this </span><span dir="ltr">year</span><span dir="ltr">’s protest.</span><br><span dir="ltr">Unlike</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">other years, when</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><em><span dir="ltr">fair share!</span><span dir="ltr"> </span></em><span dir="ltr">activists stood in front of n</span><span dir="ltr">ational</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">m</span><span dir="ltr">useums in Berlin,</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">in </span><span dir="ltr">2023</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">we</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">are gather</span><span dir="ltr">ing</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">before</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">a</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">site</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">of political decision</span><span dir="ltr">-</span><span dir="ltr">making. We demand fair payment for </span><span dir="ltr">our work</span><span dir="ltr">,</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">greater</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">visibility and</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">the</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">recognition of</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">women’s</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">potential in the visual arts</span><span dir="ltr">.</span></p> <p><span dir="ltr"><span dir="ltr">The initiators are available for intervie</span><span dir="ltr">ws and additional information.</span><br><span dir="ltr"></span></span></p> <p><span dir="ltr"><span dir="ltr">Press contact:</span><br><span dir="ltr">Alice Münch</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">–</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">Tel. 0176 60 855 135</span><br><span dir="ltr">Ines Doleschal</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">–</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">Tel. 0151 107 80 603</span><br><span dir="ltr">Rachel Kohn</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">–</span><span dir="ltr"> </span><span dir="ltr">Tel. 0163 79 30 404</span><br><span dir="ltr"></span><a href="" target="_blank"><br><span dir="ltr"></span></a><br></span></p>


Banksy's Valentine's Day

<p>Domestic violence is at the centre of street artist Banksy's latest work, which appeared on the night of 14 February on the occasion of Valentine's Day and can be seen on his <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Instagram profile</a></strong>. It is called "Valentine's day mascara" and depicts a woman with a swollen face cleaning her home (i.e. her life) of male violence.</p> <p>It is the artist's homage to true love: that for oneself, first and foremost, for one's freedom and respect. A work dedicated to those who want to be free from fear, because every day is a good day to love oneself.</p>


Naked - Not Born the Same (documentary)

<p>What does it mean to be a girl, or a boy? Are gender differences innate or acquired? As more and more people define themselves as non-binary, scientists are trying to understand how our environment assigns a gender to our brain. In this first episode, we meet a child raised gender neutral in Sweden and an individual who wants to change gender.</p> <p>Director: Cristina Trebbi, Jobst Knigge, Susanne Utzt, Stephanie Weimar</p> <p>Country: Germany</p> <p>Year: 2022</p> <p><strong><a href="" target="_blank">Watch online</a> </strong>(until the 15th of January 2023)<strong><br></strong></p>


First International Meeting

<p><span dir="auto">This week, our first face-to-face international meeting took place at IIS Salvini in Rome. The partners discussed among other things the last details of the e-learning platform, the Manifesto, the Textbook, and the involvement of teachers, students, and artists in the project activities. REGENERART aims to promote art and creativity as innovative tools to increase the competences of secondary school teachers and students to re-think gender roles and stereotypes towards a more equal and inclusivesociety, free of gender-based violence against women and discriminations.</span></p>