REGENERART aims to promote art and creativity as innovative tools to increase the competences of secondary school teachers and students to re-think gender roles and stereotypes towards a more equal and inclusive society, free of gender-based violence against women and discriminations.

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Presentation of the partners - Frauenmuseum Berlin

The Frauenmuseum Berlin sees itself as a network for women artists living and working in Berlin. 

Founded in the 1990s the non-profit association has been active in the field of fine arts since 2007 - without a fixed location.The aim of its work is to provide a forum for female professionally working artists in Berlin, to promote networking between them and to draw the attention of an interested public as well as the press and galleries to female artists through contemporary and thematic exhibitions. Several series of exhibitions with different focal points ensure intergenerational dialogues.

As we want to empower women artists we cooperate with other female artists` associations and are part of fair share! for women artists“ putting the focus on the gender gap and the gender pay gap.

We are exited to be part of REGENERART, the project led by Fondazione Pangea Onlus, and look forward to the interchange with diverse European perspectives. We believe that art is a powerful tool to raise awareness and to create a sustainable impact on gender conscient education for future generations.