WOMAN'S WORLD - The world through women’s eyes (Italy)

Informacittà - L’arte di comunicare

From October 22nd to November 14th

Vernissage Friday October 22nd at 5 p.m.

The festival “L'Eredità delle Donne” (Women’s heritage) with the artistic direction of Serena Dandini gives the occasion for this exhibition where “Informacittà – L'arte di comunicare” gets a pink coating thanks to the works of art of some of the most interesting female Italian street artists.

Informacittà, the well-known cultural information agency, is hosting a new women collective exhibition getting together artworks of some of the most influential Italian to tell the world with woman’s eyes through their colours.

A world that keeps evolving and in which we talk about rights, rebirth, growth. A world from which a lot of women take inspiration for their artistic epiphany and their social public outcry.

Among these artists are Laika, famous street artist and activist from Rome – for the first time in Florence. Ale Senso an artist always caring about social themes. LeDiesis with their Madonna of Kabul and the “SuperBlack”, a series of graphic artworks realized during the long lockdown to exorcise Coronavirus fear. Feminine collective Darehood from Padova, spacing from graffiti to stencil and paste up art, focused on “girlpower” and women rights. Footoose_Footloose with her denounce to violence against women. Young Giújuba with her drawings telling about the social discomfort of our times.

As Domna, we are so pleased to announce this important women artist show and its connection with the REGENERART project for many reasons, the main being that all the artists involved are with their art often or always committed in raising social themes and especially those of women rights and the fight against gender-based violence and violence against women.

Moreover, the following four have collaborated with our Association and Fondazione Pangea last year by offering their works of art for a benefit auction called “Art’s Angels” to raise funds to help women victims during 2020 Italian lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Some of their artworks previous or for “Woman’s World” are notably linked to our common project and we so invite you to get a special look on them, with open souls.