"that’s what x said" - An art gallery in Brussels to challenge norms

that’s what x said is a socio-politically engaged art space striving for systemic change based in Brussels.

Founded by Elisa Huberty and Rébecca Prosper, that’s what x said organizes exhibitions and events that serve to broaden the discussion outside of art itself.

that’s what x said is also a shop aiming to promote the Belgian art scene, as well as artists whose work shares their values.

that’s what x said was born out of a desire to start an art organization that serves a purpose outside of the confines of the art world.

that’s what x said strives to show art that conveys a strong message and is an attempt at challenging society.

that’s what x said wants to spark your curiosity, compel you to question current issues and take a stand.

The exhibitions present the work of artists tackling social & political issues, art that has the power to disrupt the status-quo, raising awareness of current global concerns, believing that art can play a role in the advancement of societies by challenging viewers’ perspectives, presenting the best from artists of all ethnicities, body shapes, identities and backgrounds, and acting as a platform that amplifies their voices.