Exhibition: The Second Glance (Germany)

The Bode Museum Berlin is launching the exhibition series The Second Glance, One of the Second Glances, co-produced with the organisation Frauentreff Olga, analyses traditional gender roles and challenges functions ascribed to women in society. They created 6 themed paths through their permanent collection.

To this day, art history continues to be framed by a male perspective, and this perspective also defines the art-historical canon. The influence and histories of women were long ignored in Western museums. The invisibility of women continues to be a common feature of virtually all museums and collections of the so-called “Old Masters”.The overarching goal of this exhibition is to expand the traditional museum discourse to incorporate some of the narratives, contributions and achievements of historical and contemporary women. To this end, we have put together six paths through the Bode-Museum which open up new perspectives on the artworks, while also suggesting new avenues for future research in the field:

  • Women Who Made History
  • Women in Biblical and Christian Narratives
  • Women in Greco-Roman Mythology
  • Men and Gender Equality
  • The (Missing)Women Artists
  • The View From the 21st Century

You can find useful material, as a Bibliography, Terminology, a Timeline of the history of gender equality and further online sources, as well. More information and a downloadable pdf-catatalogue are available on the website of the Bode Museum.

Bode-Museum, Berlin