Presentation of the partners: Domna

Domna Aps is a non-profit organization active in social and art projects. Our projects are mainly directed to kids, teenagers, women, elderly and

people less fortunate. We operate through volunteers for institutional activities such as helps desks, daily after school for kids 6-14 dedicated in particular to those with learning disabilities, family or economic disadvantages; art labs and events; labs for elderly. Volunteers are often professionals dedicating their time for others, like teachers, psychologists, educators. We have programs for University and high school students for their internships. We collaborate with many institutions and other non-profits. Domna aims to have a positive social impact on people and communities through participated actions, urban regeneration, educational events. We are implementing 2 projects at national level fighting educational poverty, working with more than 1000 kids aged 6-18. One is focused on street art labs and murales, the other on theatre in English. Our motto is: Let’s create value (and valor) through fairness, creative energy and sustainability, to give support, placing the person in the center”