Fondazione Pangea Onlus


Fondazione Pangea was founded in July 2002 as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organisation with the aim of working in Italy and around the world to:

Pangea operates with respect for gender differences, in a gender intercultural perspective that takes into account human rights, for the environmental protection, the right to education and to health, the promotion of Peace, for the dialogue and non-violent conflict management.

Our work is based on listening, welcoming and accompanying women and helping them in the path of empowerment to rebuild their life project, starting from the Self.

Pangea is present in the following institutions:

Currently Pangea has active programmes in Italy, Afghanistan, India, Colombia. Since 2002, we have also carried out projects in other countries, including Nepal, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa, involving over 20.000 women directly and as many people from the surrounding families and communities.

Manuela  Campitelli
  • Communication
Jessica  Colombo
  • Coordinator
Simona  Lanzoni
  • Supervisor and gender-based violence against women expert
Valentina Muia
  • project officer