Liceul de Arte Lipatti, Pitesti

“Dinu Lipatti” High School of Fine Arts, Pitesti is a public school situated in Pitesti town (100 km from the capital city, Bucharest). We have almost 700 students (age 6-19 years old) and about 400 students of 14-19 years old, 113 teachers and staff, 14 of them being fine arts and architecture teachers.

The school has 2 structures:

About 5% of our students come from disadvantaged groups (Roma ethnic group, low income, low education families or SEN students-Special Education Needs).

“Dinu Lipatti” High School of Fine Arts programs include courses in visual art, architecture, music, theatre and provide students with a comprehensive arts education. Our school’s fine arts courses are designed to foster growth and develop expertise in a selected field. At the end of the 12th grade, students must pass the National Baccalaureate exam and, in addition to it, the students prepare portfolios for final exhibition.

The 15-19 years old students also receive certifications for: attestation of fine arts competences, foreign languages certificate, digital skills attestation.

We have a very good rate of acceptance at Universities, most of our students continue their studies at various Faculties and few of our students applied and were accepted at E.U. Universities.

In terms of the quality insurance, we have a School Commission for Quality and a Commission for educational projects that monitor and evaluate the school's and teachers' activity in terms of quality targets as well as the educational projects implementation.

Loredana  Sima
  • Project manager
Violeta  Vladau
  • Communication and dissemination