Frauenmuseum Berlin

Frauenmuseum Berlin is a network of women artists based in Berlin. It aims to amplify the visibility of women artists. Frauenmuseum Berlin has not an own space and does not count with a collection, but organises exhibitions in collaboration with municipal galleries and other exhibition spaces which helps to reach different visitors. Some of the exhibitions we organise are exclusively for our members, but most are open for Berlin based women artists. The exhibition series “4händig” (four handed) is linking young artists with experienced ones, providing the possibility of interchange between different generations.

We organise monthly meetings in order to interchange information and to discuss what projects we / some of the members wand to develop and visit each other in our studios, presenting our work to other members.

Frauenmuseum Berlin collaborates with other women artists institutions, such as GEDOK, VdBK, SALOON, Goldrausch in order to achieve gender equality and to raise awareness for diversity and gender issues. In 2020 we published a brochure “fair share!” that includes all speeches that have been held during a demonstration on 8 march, 2020.

Caroline  Armand
  • Artist
Julie  August
  • Project manager
Katharina  Fladt
  • Art historian
Andrea  Golla
  • Artist
Rachel  Kohn
  • Project manager
Verena  Kyselka
  • Artist